Looking for extra space?

Build a custom shed on your property. Get up to a 108 sq ft shed without permits. 

Custom shed construction in Toronto

A shed has many uses, it can be your private yoga sanctuary, it can be turned into an office or you can use it as a small gym or storage space. Whatever your needs are, build a customized shed on your property.

Sound structure, built like a house.

Use your shed for:

A New Office

Gym/Yoga Room

Storage Space


Hobby Space


Shed packages

Build a shed up to 108 square feet without permits in the Greater Toronto Area

The Bare Minimum

This is intended for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to finish the cladding and interior themselves and just needs us to get the structure up.

The Complete Structure

These are full design & build services to build a shed according to your specifications and needs. 

Building a Shed
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